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Loranda Stuart leads a vinyasa style flow practice and will guide you through a moving meditation that will ignite your spirit, mind and body. She invites you to synchronize your breath with your movements, allowing you to be more present and aware of your own body, heart and mind. She believes that this yoga practice is "not about using your body to get into a specific pose, but rather using the pose to get into your body." She provides a safe environment, a space with no judgment, no attachment and no expectations. Sometimes our yoga mats become a place to seek refuge, slow things down and observe things just as they are. All of her classes are accessible to all levels of experience and she will offer modifications and intensifications for you to explore and find your edge. 

Yoga came to her at a cross roads in her life and she started a regular practice at LIFETIME Fitness. She discovered that yoga quickly became much more than just a physical workout- but it was a form of therapy (yoga chikitsa) for her through a time of change. She seized the opportunity to join Yoga Teacher Training under the direction of Master Yogi Jonny Kest of LifePower Yoga and Center for Yoga. Loranda was in the first group to complete this training in Austin, TX and now has over 5 years of teaching experience. It was a life changing experience- it started out as something that gave her strength and courage through a time of change but it's taken on a whole new level now that she can share it with others! 

Loranda is a mortgage loan officer with New Penn Financial. If you are in the market for a new home or want to refinance, she can help! One of her favorite parts of her work is to directly see how she is helping others. She is also actively involved in the music scene in Austin and served on the committee for HAAM Benefit Day 2012 and 2013, an annual city wide event to raise funds and awareness for HAAM, the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. HAAM helps to provide healthcare for Austin's working musicians and is one of the only organizations in the county that does so. She volunteers with the SIMS Foundation and Austin Music People. She manages Sauce the Band, a well known cover band that preforms for private parties and weddings. One of the highlights of 2014 was attending the GRAMMYS in LA. Loranda has a bachelor degree in Business Management from Texas State University and has worked with several startups from the ground up in the online and mobile marketing space. She is now following her passion of yoga, music and service- she has found it to be an incredible, unexpected journey! "You never know what you're in training for."